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Labor Denies Energy Bill Price Hike Under Its Power Proposal

Labor has denied that prices would rise should its plan to increase the size of the transmission network be put into place.

The opposition has accused the government of a climate scare campaign after the coalition released price modelling that showed consumers would be financially worse off if Labor were elected.

Energy Minister, Angus Taylor, explained that an independent regulator of the prices for poles and wires, claiming household bills would rise if the value of the network was increased.

"When Labor say they want to increase the value of the network by $78 billion, what they are saying is they are happy to slug Australian families with a higher bill," he said.

However, Labor spokesperson Jason Clare, said Labor's plan had been independently costed and modelled by experts and was the most-detailed proposal to power Australia an opposition had ever released.

Clare also said the coalition's response to the proposal highlighted it does not have a commitment to net-zero emissions.

"What that (modelling) shows is that if you take the action that we're proposing to take to get us to net-zero by 2050, you cut emissions but you also create create hundreds of thousands of jobs, most of them in the regions, and you cut people's electricity bills," he told reporters in Sydney on Tuesday.

Clare was also critical of the government's modelling and how it had come up with the figures.

"The Business Council of Australia, the Chamber of Commerce, the National Farmers Federation have all backed (Labor's plan) in, so if the government wants to play this game, release your modelling," he said.

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