Kylie Minogue Says She Sometimes Feels 'Wrecked' After 40-Year Showbiz Career

Kylie Minogue has opened up about her rollercoaster body and moods while reflecting on the ups-and-downs she has endured during her 40-plus year showbiz career.

"Some days I feel like I can do it all and then, on others, it feels like doing Pilates on a wobble board in midair and I'm wrecked," the 56-year-old Padam Padam singer told Grazia magazine.

"One of the guys I work with a lot says, 'You're like an amusement park - some days the rides are just shut; and other days it is like, 'Whee! Everything's open, the bells are going, and the big dipper is on'.

"There are certain moments where I think, 'Oh, God, how to keep it up? But for the most part it's giving energy to create energy. I just have to colour the hair more often!"

Minogue has signed a huge deal, said to be worth seven figures, for a tell-all documentary with Netflix.

When asked if the mental toll of fame has ever got to her, Kylie said: "I remember many, many years ago, I was really getting it from the press and I just couldn't understand how it was possible to be so untrue or so mean."

"There was no name behind the article or the untruth, so there was no way of responding."

Kylie, who beat breast cancer in 2006 after being diagnosed with the disease a year earlier, also said she is glad the issue of mental health is now at the forefront of people's discussions like never before.

"I am happy that mental health is a conversation for everyone, including those within my industry," she said.

"People generally understand that there are highs and lows of performing and putting yourself out there, but it is obviously much more complex and nuanced than that and, of course, different for every individual.

"Has it ever got too much for me that I've had to walk away? No. But it has definitely challenged me at times."

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