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Kim Kardashian's Tone-Deaf Tweets

Has Kim made a faux pas, or is her birthday celebration par for the course?

Twitter did its thing yesterday when it collectively got together to pile on a celeb for a perceived infraction of the social media moral code.

Kim Kardashian posted some pics about her "humble" 40th birthday celebration on a private island... in the middle of this little pandemic thing we've all been reading so much about.

A couple of the offending tweets.

Forgetting for a moment that she is absolutely misusing the word "humbled":(hint: it's when you lose everything, not when you're a zillionaire on a private island), there seems to be a bit of tone-deafness here. At least, that's what many Twitter commentators thought when they collectively decided to mock the celeb for her actions:

The internet justice was swift.

But did Kim really do anything so wrong?

Social media exists to facilitate the humble brag, and yes of course people are suffering, but should she pretend she isn't super rich and jetting off to private islands?

People are probably just pissed off that, after all this "we're in this together" talk of the past eight months, we are really starting to realize that some people are less "in it" than others.

Kim hasn't done anything wrong per se; she is a rich celebrity doing what she's always done, and people have always been fascinated with celebrities. That's how they become celebrities in the first place. But at the moment it's harder for regular folk to keep seeing pictures of the super rich living their best lives and still feel that sense of "togetherness".

So no, Kim's not a monster, or at the very least, not doing anything wrong compared to what she normally does, but maybe the timing was off. Either way she probably didn't NEED to post about it online, just have a little party and keep it to yourself. Just like how you don't have to hide the fact that you've got a nice dinner prepared, but it might be a bit of a dick move to sit down and eat it in front of a homeless man.