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Kim Jong-Un Stars In Top Gun-Style Propaganda Video To Mark Missile Launch

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has starred in a Top Gun - style propaganda video to mark the missile launch of the ‘Hwasong-17’.

North Korea says it has test fired its new type of intercontinental ballistic missile to boost its nuclear deterrent against "US imperialism", state media reports.

State television showed North Korean citizens a propaganda video involving the country's leader heralding the launch.

Dressed in a leather jacket and aviators, Kim Jong-un was shown walking in slow motion in front of the missile while flanked by military officers.

A dramatic and upbeat track plays in the background.

At one point, Kim Jong-un looks at his watch, then looks straight at the camera before nodding.

A countdown begins before the launch button is pushed, sending the ICBM missile into the air.

Thursday's launch was the first full ICBM test by nuclear-armed North Korea since 2017.

Flight data indicated the missile flew higher and longer than any of the nation's previous tests before crashing into the sea west of Japan.

Dubbed the Hwasong-17, the ICBM is the largest liquid-fuelled missile ever launched by any country from a road-mobile launcher, analysts said.

Kim ordered the test because of the "daily escalating military tension in and around the Korean peninsula" and the "inevitability of the long-standing confrontation with the US imperialists accompanied by the danger of a nuclear war", state news agency KCNA reported.

AAP with The Project.