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Kevin Rudd Was Mistaken For An Uber Driver

Drunk Restaurant Patrons Piled Into The Former PM’s Car Thinking It Was Their Uber.

Remember Kevin Rudd? He was our Prime Minister for that brief period of time known as the late 00s. The care free days of watching Lost and listening to Flo Rida. Back when the idea of Uber was just a glint in the eye of whoever it was that created Uber.

Who could have predicted that a decade later we’d be living in a world where that very same Kevin Rudd would be holidaying in Noosa with his family and be mistaken for an Uber driver.

It was storming up in Noosa when the former PM dropped his family off at a restaurant so that they could stay dry while he drove around for a park. But as his daughter, Jessica Rudd, tweeted:

“Dad just dropped us off at a restaurant in Noosa then went to find a park because it’s raining. Then I thought I saw some people pile into his car, told myself it wasn’t – must have been a similar looking Uber.”

But it wasn’t a similar looking Uber. It was Kevin Rudd’s car. And people were piling on board like they were voters in 2007 sick of the Howard government.

Jessica Rudd continued the tale on Twitter:

“It wasn’t. It was Dad’s car. The lovely but tipsy crew had been at the restaurant since lunch and asked for a lift to Hastings St. Said they’d pay. He said he’d give them a lift. Took them half the ride to discover who their driver was.”

Presumably they found out after conversation died down and one of them said “so, what were you doing before driving Uber?”

Kevin Rudd added more details of his own on Twitter:

“Guilty as charged. Found young Melbournians getting drenched in Queensland subtropical downpour at Noosa last night with no Uber in sight… So what’s a man to do? Good kids. I hope they’ve had some fun up here.”

Who knows what happened to their actual Uber driver. But there’s probably another retired dad out there driving around the streets of Noosa looking for the group that made the original booking.

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