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Kath & Kim’s Famous Home Is Being Torn Down

It’s one of the most famous houses on Australian television, but now the Kath & Kim house is being demolished.

The home in Melbourne’s outer suburb of Patterson Lakes will be torn down to make way for a new two-storey house; homeowner Joanne Kelly told reporters.

Ms Kelly opened the house in 2019 to the public to raise money for charity before undertaking renovations.

Image: Channel 10

Peter Rowsthorn, who played Kim’s husband, joked that if he owned the house, he’d probably tear it down as well.

“It was a weird little house,” he told Channel 10 on Monday.

“But it became our own little paradise; we were so comfortable in there.”

Image: Channel 10

Dig Dig Demolition, the company tasked with burning down the house, enjoyed the media circus on Monday, posting a photo of tradies posing with journalists.

“Well, this doesn’t happen everyday!!” the company said on Facebook.

Image: Channel 10

Iconic mum and daughter duo Kath & Kim first graced our screen in 2002 for four seasons, and a movie, ‘Kath & Kimderella’ was released in 2012.