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Kanye For President

Kanye West Has Tweeted That He Is Running For President

Kanye West chose the 4th of July, American Independence Day, to tweet “We must now realize the promise of America by trusting God, unifying our vision and building out future. I am running for president of the United States.”

Kanye originally floated the idea of running for President five years ago, and at the time, people laughed, well, it’s 2020 now and people aren’t laughing so much these days.

At first glance this feels like such a ‘this year’ move; nothing could make 2020 even more 2020 than Kanye running for President. And it may seem like such a Kanye thing to do; run for President in the middle of global pandemic when it feels like the world, and America especially, is weeks away from the end times, but, if you think about it for just a moment: is Kanye the best man for the job?

The answer feels like it should be an easy “no, of course not, Kanye can’t be President.” But take a moment to think about who is currently President. There was a time not that long ago when the idea of Donald Trump being the President of the United States of America was the silliest thing you could possibly imagine. We were all tweeting things like “can’t we just started 2016 over again” and we blinked and now it’s 2020 and Kanye for President feels like an almost magical dream.

Of course, Donald Trump isn’t the only option. Former Vice President Joe Biden is going to be the Democratic nominee for President and that’s better than Donald Trump. But, and here’s the part that will break your brain, would Joe Biden make a better President than Kanye? It’s hard to know if the answer is ‘yes’.

Earlier this year the former Vice President went on the radio and said “if you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black”, which is a stupid thing to say, meanwhile Kanye donated over two million dollars to Black Lives matter organisations and joined the protests. Can you really say declaratively that Joe Biden would be a more sensible choice from President than Kanye West?

The tweet Kanye sent out may not have actually been a proper announcement that he was running for President, he may have just been having some fun on Twitter, but if he really is running for President, is it truly the crazy idea it seems at first glance? If Joe Biden is elected, he’ll be 77 on the day he takes office, seven years older than the oldest ever elected President. Donald Trump, the current oldest ever elected President, will still be Donald Trump. And Kanye West, well, Kanye West for President doesn’t even seem like one of the top twenty craziest things to happen in 2020.