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Jeff Bezos Is Going To Space

The Amazon CEO will be the latest billionaire to take off.

It seems like every other billionaire is going to space. Richard Branson got back from a trip in his Virgin Galactic VSS Unity space plane. Elon Musk is also planning on flying on Branson’s rocket. Today though it is Amazon founder Jeff Bezos’s turn to take to the skies in his Blue Origin’s New Shepard spacecraft.

The New Shepard spaceship is entirely automated, so there will be no pilot on board. Bezos will be there with his brother, an 82-year-old and a teenager. They’re all there to break records. The teenager will become the youngest person to have ever been to space, and the 82-year-old will become the oldest ever, and Bezos? He’s set to be the richest person to ever head to space.

Bezos has wanted to go to space his whole life. He created Blue Origin back in the year 2000 and has said he’s dreamed of this day since he was a five year old boy watching the moon landing. And we all assumed his lifelong dream was to change the way people bought books on the internet.

His trip to space is the 52ndanniversary of the Moon landing, which happened way back on the 20thof July, 1969. The 52nd anniversary doesn’t really feel all that significant. It really sort of feels like they missed the 50th anniversary and didn’t want to wait around for the 60th. Doing things on the anniversary of something really needs a good round number to feel satisfactory. Nobody celebrates the 52ndanniversary of anything.

The big question about all of this is: why? Why is Jeff Bezos going to space? Does he have a package to deliver to the Moon? Is he trying to see if Amazon Prime still streams smoothly from beyond the stars? What exactly is this trip for? It turns out, when you’re a billionaire and you have your own rocket you can just do things like go to space because you want to.