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Japan's New Monster Wolf Robots Are So Nightmarish We Can't Bear Them

The Japanese town of Takikawa has installed bizarre robot wolves to deter bears from entering the village.

Officials of the city, located on the northern island of Hokkaido, stated that there have been no bear encounters since the installation of two “monster” wolf robots.

These wolves must be effective because, according to the national broadcaster NHK, bear sightings in Japan are at a five-year high and occur mainly in rural areas in western and northern Japan.

This is not surprising, and it might be fair to say there have been no tourists either because these things are horrifying.

Maybe the added sense of danger comes from the fact that this is an animal once only seen in the moonlight but which is now being powered by solar energy.

What makes this all the scarier for bears is the fact that real wolves in the central and northern islands of the country have been extinct for more than 100 years.

These bears must assume these monster wolves have been sent from the depths of hell to seek revenge on all who confront it.

scared bear GIF
Maybe it's not that hard to scare a bear?

Sitting as high as a scarecrow, these wolves have fake fur, red eyes, a turning head and an obviously altered howl. The howl sounds like it’s been put through a Skrillex filter – enough to give anyone the shivers.

radio nod GIF

It is not clear whether these monster robots were designed for this sole purpose.

Personally, I’m thinking about ordering a few for the front lawn, whether it be to deter robbers or just keep the plovers from nesting on my lawn. I won't be playing any wolf-Skrillex though; no animal or person deserves that.

Main Image: NHK News