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Jaguar Jonze Reveals The Extra Pressure On Writing To Enter Eurovision

Jaguar Jonze is heading to ‘Eurovision – Australia Decides’ on the Gold Coast, for a chance to perform at the world's biggest music competition.

Taiwanese-Australian singer Jaguar Jonze is heading to ‘Eurovision – Australia Decides’, our own pre-Eurovision competition held on the Gold Coast. The competition hosted by Joel Creasy and Myf Warhurst, will decide who Australia sends to the world's most prestigious music event, Eurovision!

Jaguar Jonze told Eurovision Australia, “I am honoured and bubbling with excitement to be performing at Eurovision – Australia Decides again in 2022! The imagination, creativity, and talent of the performances is always so inspirational, it’s such a special place to express yourself as a musician and an artist. My song is going to be a moment that celebrates our resilience and the little steps that lead to big change, as well as push my creative boundaries to another level. So much has happened since we were all together, and being back with the added strength of my Eurovision family and fanbase will make it a show worth waiting for. I can’t wait to see you on the Gold Coast!”

Joining us on The Project to talk about her upcoming performance, Jonze shared the pressures of writing a song that could potentially be performed at Eurovision. Jonze told the panel of her journey over the last year, how being a strong voice in the #MeToo movement impacted her writing, showing her raw and vulnerable side. A topic that performers would not bring to Eurovision. But, the tricky question, could Australia ever win Eurovision?

Check out the full interview below.

Jaguar Jonze’s Little Fires is out now. And to find out more about Eurovision – Australia Decides head to https://eurovisionaustralia.tv/