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It’s Lewdle! Just like Wordle, But A Little Bit Naughty, A Little Bit Dirty

If you like Wordle but find words like ‘Nasty’ not nasty enough. We can help.

Wordle has taken the world by storm; the once-a-day game with six chances at guessing the five-letter word is a true hit.

Since the game took off, there has been a variety of spin-off games and imitations, but this one might be the winner.

Lewdle looks and works exactly like Wordle, but there is a catch. The solution is a little bit crude. You can only use words from their 'Dicktionary', and more tame words won't be accepted.

The Lewdle community is a passionate one. When a word such as 'choke' was the answer, their fans joked that 'chode’ could have been a better choice.

The naughty game was created by screenwriter and author Gary Whitta and independent game designer Adam Nickerson. The two launched the game in mid-January at the height of the Wordle obsession.

So once you have completed today's Wordle, give Lewdle a try to test your mind and your filth.