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It's Alleged That Only 1% Of People Can Read This Optical Illusion On Their First Try

HecticNick on TikTok has gone viral for sharing an optical illusion that not many people can read.

HecticNick, a TikTok user, has shared an optical illusion, that apparently only 1% of people can read immediately. Can you read the below text on your first try?

HecticNick is known on TikTok for sharing illusions, brain teasers and fun facts. This one is no different. “You have to try this!” Nick says, “You probably can’t read what this says”.

The text, which is quite blocky and doesn’t even appear to be words, does say something. It’s also part of a longer illusion that did the rounds on the internet a few years ago.

Still having trouble reading it? Well, let us help you lonely folk wanting the answer. HecticNick shares a little tip that will help you work it out. "Try closing your eyes about 90 per cent, and you might be able to read it."

Got it? If not, you have bad eyes and should really get them checked. Once you have the results from your eye check, only then can we reveal the answer.

The video has gathered over 3.4 million views and almost 35k comments! You can check out Nick's other videos here.