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It Appears The Public Display Of Affection Is Back In Business As Award Shows Return

It's back... in a big way.

After two years of social distancing in masks and some awkward zoom dates that involved audio dropouts and, on one particular occasion, an acoustic guitar sing-along to Britney Spears, Toxic on a Wednesday, it's maybe understandable how we have arrived here.

According to the dating app Bumble, 'more than 68%' of people say 'that they're more open to PDA (public displays of affection) post-pandemic.

And, who's leading the charge? Who else but celebrities, such as Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker, Justin and Hailey Bieber and Adison Rae and Omer Fedi, all laying the saliva on thick on the red carpet of this year's Grammys Awards, in what is being termed 'Power PDA'.

And who could forget the black tongue and PDA from Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly at the Billboard Awards?

This kind of ridiculous behaviour is what I love about celebrity culture and also ruins my lunch.

But is 'Power PDA' as glamorous and fun as they make it look?

Let me take this opportunity to make a brief PSO (public service announcement) to remind you about a little thing called pash rash. PDA's arch-nemesis.

Take it from someone who spent 2 hours making out in the corner of the bar on a hot date only to excuse myself to go to the bathroom, only to look in the mirror and be presented with a pash rash so bad I looked like I had a beard. I left 15 minutes later in a mask despite already swapping spit, claiming I had a headache and an allergic reaction to the pizza we shared.

I say go for what makes you feel good, whether it's a Jane Austen style stroll with gentle brushing of hands or an all-out PDA at your local cafe. Just remember a chapstick and be weary of beards, and that all trends, like low rise jeans, look different in the harsh light of day.

Or, in my case, even the bars forgiving low lighting.