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Is Your Pin Number 1234? If You Actually Answered That, We Need To Talk.

We found out the 20 most common, and least common 4-digit pin codes.

For most people, it’s common sense. But unfortunately, common sense isn’t that common and there are stats to prove it. Nick Berry, now a data scientist at Facebook, did some hacking… Ah, we mean research… And discovered the top 20 most common 4-digit pin numbers people use.

Before we reveal what you probably already know, just a little fun fact. Those 20 most common 4-digit in numbers, they equate to 26.83% of the total. Meaning, you have a 1 in 4 chance of picking someone’s pin code in just 20 guesses.

You guessed it, 1234 is at the top of the list! 0000 isn’t far behind in third, and it’s no surprise that your creepy uncles PIN; 6969, is on the list also. If your PIN is on the list above and now has you worried, we got your back. Below is a list of the least frequent 4-digit pin codes. A lot trickier to remember, but a whole lot safer.

Check out the stats in more detail at https://www.datagenetics.com/blog/september32012/index.htm