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Is The Trump Christmas Portrait A Merry Fail?

It’s the most beautiful time of the year, where celebrities and public figures release their annual Christmas card.

And this year the Trumps have gone all out with their last Christmas at the White House, but something seems… off.

Can you see it? Look closer.

The internet has gotten to work and it appears some bad Photoshop is afoot! We are Photoshocked!

Some even think they’ve found the photo Donald was lifted from. Which, you know, the guy attends black tie events all the time so there would be a wealth of photos to choose from if you were planning on pulling a sneaky.

It’s also particularly interesting that Melania released this photo as she was famously recorded saying “Who gives a f*** about Christmas?” in a recording released by her former friend.

So, internet, what do we think? Is this an unintentional dodgy Photoshop, or is it a distraction technique to get the conversation around Donald Trump focused off his many negative headlines?

Donald Trump is no stranger to Photoshop fails. Remember this?

Yep, Trump’s presenting the Medal of Honor to a military dog, which was originally a photo of a US army medic, James McCloughan. Luckily McCloughan wasn’t offended, saying to the New York Times “This recognises the dog is part of that team of brave people.”

He’s also not the first politician to get caught up in a bit of Photoshop mischief. Our very own PM revealed himself to have two left feet.

So let that be a warning to all Photoshop enthusiasts hoping to do up their Christmas card a little, the internet doesn’t let anything slip by. And just because you don’t have Photoshop, doesn’t mean you can’t create a fail by hand.