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Is Sibling Rivalry A Thing Of The Past Thanks To Lockdown?

Starved of entertainment outside of the family unit, it appears siblings are actually getting along.

Early results of a UK study of siblings in lockdown suggests that they are actually getting along better than they did before.

Developmental Psychology Professor, Claire Hughes, has been conducting the research at the University of Cambridge’s Centre for Family Research - and whilst she has warned it’s early days - the evidence from more than 500 families suggests that kids are discovering a decent play mate actually lives under the same roof. And that forced bonding can strengthen a relationship for life.

“The message we’re getting is that siblings are stepping up and reconnecting with each other,” Professor Hughes stated.

Sibling relationships are considered important as it helps them to test social skills, or in my case, negotiation and conflict management. In particular, in the back seat of a road trip playing ‘Corners’ while our parents pleaded with us to stop.

So maybe all myself and my siblings needed in the 90s was more time together inside a house to fully understand and appreciate one another. Now if you excuse me, I’m off to go chuck a fart bomb under my brother’s house, right where I know he has a lot of airflow into the floorboards.