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Interpretive Dancers Confuse EU Parliament

A European Union conference has ended with an interpretive dance performance and the reviews are definitely not glowing.

The four-day Conference on the Future of Europe was held in Strasbourg and ended on Monday. It saw EU lawmakers come together to discuss how they could improve the European Union. 

Over the four days, there was probably talk of what a confusing world we live in and unfortunately, the end of the conference just added to this confusion. 

On the final day, European politicians met in hemicycle (a large semicircle venue, to save you the Google search) and were greeted with an interpretive dance by Danse l'Europe.  

The group performed a routine around the room for the first ten minutes, but if you were there, it felt like ten hours.  

The project, led by contemporary choreographer Angelin Preljocaj, was intended to bring together 'bodies moving in unison throughout Europe'. 

Instead, it brought awkwardness to a huge politician filled room. 

Attendees, including French President Emmanuel Macron, watched the dancers, with puzzled expressions on their faces. 

Others looked away in horror. 

Here is some of the dance, if you’re brave enough to watch. 

During the dance, a narrator whispers in French: "You have just arrived on the Moon... your hands become fish... You discover a new planet. Here, plants have taken power". 

When the clip surfaced on twitter, the internet chimed in with some scathing reviews.

The most brutal review of all, repeated by many commentators is that the dance is ‘Proof Brexit was a good idea’. 

It’s also proof that brightly lit auditorium stairs are not the best stage for interpretive dance. 

So, let’s spare a thought for those who suffered the most; the dancers who gave it their all, in a room full of baffled on-lookers.