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Instant Noodles Are The Latest Product That Could See A Price Surge

With reportedly one-third of the world’s wheat supply coming from Ukraine and Russia, Instant Noodles might shoot up in price.

Not even instant noodles are safe from price surges, due to the war in Ukraine. Around one third of the world’s wheat supply comes from Ukraine and Russia, meaning the meal of choice for students could drastically increase.  

Ukraine and Russia are two of the world’s largest wheat producers. With the Russian invasion, farmers were forced to leave their fields to fight for their country. This has caused massive disruptions in the supply chain. Indonesia imports around a quarter of its wheat from Ukraine, the main ingredient for instant noodles.  

Tulus Abadi, the Indonesia Consumers Association president advised the country should expect prices of noodles to rise. "This has to be anticipated because the chicken noodle or instant noodle that we eat, 100 per cent of their ingredients are imported," Mr Abadi said during a public webinar this month. 

Indonesia has on hand, around 1.2 million tonnes of wheat, which should be enough for the next two months. According to the World Instant Noodle Association, Australia is the 19th largest consumer of instant noodles in the world.