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Influencers Will Be Hit By Cash Ban For Health Products

The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) is cracking down on influencers receiving payment for advertising health products.

Under a new advertising code, the promotion of all medicines, medical devices, vitamins, supplements and general health products will be heavily regulated on social media.

Influencers will still be able to provide testimonials to advertise a product but will not be able to accept money for the post.

Endorsements by people who advertise themselves as a health expert or have qualifications — including current and former health practitioners and medical researchers — will now be prohibited.

Speaking to The Weekend Australia, influencer Emma Mugica said the new code would “cripple her earnings”, as most of her earnings are from paid partnerships endorsing products to her 71,000 followers.

“It’s a big hit on businesses,” she said.

“Influencer marketing is the No 1 strategy for most companies. By pulling that away from them, not only are the influencers losing out on their job, but the companies are also losing out on a lot of business.”