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Improve The Taste Of Cheap Wine With The Simple Hack Of Lying

According to a study done by Scientists at Basel University in Switzerland, if we’re told cheap wine is expensive we think it tastes better.

Surely the easiest study to convince anyone to be a part of, researches tested volunteers with three difference Italian reds. The sample reds ranged in price from between £8 and £50.

The study was conducted by having the volunteers taste the wines, which had been incorrectly labeled so that the prices did not match the wines.

This mislabeling was done on purpose; the researchers weren’t just a few wines deep.

The study revealed what we’ve long suspected of humans: that we have no idea what we are talking about and only want to appear rich and classy.

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The experts found that when the cheapest wine was given a deceptively high price, it was deemed the most enjoyable of the three, scoring 20% higher in the taste test.

However, researchers did find that pleasantness ratings did not vary for Wine A, B and C when they were presented with no pricing information.

Basically, the tasters perceived no difference in enjoyableness when they were unaware of the price, suggesting that price influences our perception of quality.

At the same time, the pricing down of the expensive wine had no effect on pleasantness ratings. Testers just thought ‘boy that is a great $10 wine, when really it was over $60’.

This suggests distortion of prices can make a cheap wine taste nicer but can't make an outstanding wine taste less pleasant.

What does this all mean? It means we should invest in a decanter, pour our goon bags into it then simply tell our guests it is a $100 bottle from anywhere outside of Australia.

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If you don’t have a decanter, no worries, use a vase, as long as you label it as a decanter your guests will believe you; the research shows this.

Don’t stop your lying there. Go all the way.

“Sure this looks and tastes exactly like a Big Mac but it’s not…I made this and the chicken nuggets from scratch.”

Of course, you will have to implement some house rules. Like, no looking the bins for wrappers and packaging.

“What do you mean this Gucci label looks drawn on with marker? Would I lie to my best friend? Now drink your wine, it goes off in 2 hours.”

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