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If Your Password Is '123456' Or 'Password1', It's Time To Change It

It seems we haven’t learnt our lesson when it comes to the passwords we use to protect our online information.

NordPass’ annual report ‘Top 200 Most Common Passwords’ has revealed people are still using easy-to-remember combinations that are easy to guess.

The most common password around is ‘123456’, with ‘123456789’ and ‘1234556’ coming in second and third respectively.

Australians are little more creative. While ‘123456’ is still our favourite go-to combination with 308,482 people using it at some point, while ‘password’ and ‘lizottes’ round out the top three.

But according to NordPass, most of these passwords can be cracked in under one seconds. ‘Lizottes’ can take three hours to crack.

For Aussie men, ‘holden’ is the ninth most popular password, but for the rest of the world ‘Ferrari’ and ‘Porsche’ are the most common car brands used.

One Direction is making a come back, having appeared on the list again after vanishing in 2020. For sports fans, Liverpool is the most popular team in the world when it comes to passwords.

According to NordPass, a “stunning” number of people love to use their own name as a password, but we also have potty mouths, with quite a lot of rude words used, particularly by men.

The list of passwords was compiled in partnership with independent researchers who specialise in research in to cybersecurity incidents.

The report also reveals Australia has a high risk of data leaks, with more than 85 million passwords leaks in the past year, or 3.312 per capita.