"I Couldn't Stop The Wind": Husband Shares Amusing Ways He's Had To Apologise To His Wife

A husband has gone viral on TikTok after sharing the bizarre and hilarious ways he's had to apologise to his wife.

Leighton, from the U.S., has become a TikTok sensation after sharing a series of comedic videos detailing the reasons he's had to apologise to his wife in the past.  


"I went upstairs for the night without announcing it," Leighton joked in one of the videos.  


"Next, I applied the brakes in order to save our lives, but I underestimated the trauma the change in momentum would create for her," he explained in another.  


Leighton revealed he once had to apologise because a character in a show cheated on their wife.  


"A guy in a show we were watching cheated on his wife — and this led to a detailed explanation of what would happen to me in that situation," he said.  


Leighton's account, The Leighton Show, is followed by more than 390k users, with some videos eclipsing two million views.  


Many users in the comments were enthralled by the comedic reasons Leighton had to apologise for.  


"This is so funny; I wish my husband apologised every time he upset me," one user wrote.  


"The way I am always on her side," another joked.  


Not only does Leighton have to constantly apologise to his wife, but he's also had to apologise to his teenagers.  


Leighton explained that because he "fast-forwarded out of a commercial break too far", his teenage kids stripped him of his "remote privileges".