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Hugo The Tortoise Has Been United With His Girlfriend

Estrella & Hugo Are The Most Famous Celebrity Couple That Are Also Tortoises

The pandemic has been testing for many relationships, whether it’s people going through lockdown together, or those who haven’t been able to be reunited with the partners because they were stuck in different parts of the world. However, there was one celebrity couple that were able to meet for the first time, and yes, they are both tortoises.

Hugo, the Galapagos tortoise, who lives at the Australian Reptile Park north of Sydney has been waiting for years to meet his girlfriend in person. Estrella, who had been at Zoo Rostock in Germany, first met Hugo back in 2019 but their dates were only ever over Zoom.

Back in 2019 Hugo was so desperate for love the zoo helped put his profile on Tinder. You have to hope that he had zero human matches and had to go hunting in the tortoise world. Hugo’s been at the Australian Reptile Park since 1963 and is now 70 years old. Estrella, on the other hand, is only 21 but before you start thinking that Estrella is only it for the stacks of lettuce she might get when Hugo carks it, remember that 70 is actually only middle age for a tortoise. He could live for another 100 years still.

After having flown halfway around the world to meet the love of her tortoise life, Estrella had to stick it out in quarantine for three months at the reptile park before getting to meet Hugo face to face. Three months? And those tennis players thought they had it bad suffering through two weeks of hotel quarantine. Tomic should thank his lucky stars that he’s not a Galapagos tortoise and not just because that would really affect his backhand.

It is hoped that the endangered pair are going to start breeding in the next few years to help with tortoise numbers. Isn’t that just the way? You get into a new relationship and straight away there is already pressure from everybody around you to start having kids. Chill out, everybody, they’ve barely finished munching on their first meal together.

Rather than pressuring them into having offspring straight away let us raise a lettuce leaf, or a lump of watermelon, or whatever it is that tortoises enjoy eating to the new couple and may they have a long, long, long, long and happy life together.