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How To Wake Up Refreshed Everyday By Knowing The Exact Time To Go To Bed

If you’re an adult, this will help you know your bedtime. If you’re a child, use it to dispute your bedtime with your parents.

For most adults, you have been tired since finishing high school. You have been using it as an excuse to buy coffee, go home early from dinner parties and to get out of sex.

But now, thanks to Hillarys, a decor company, a sleep calculator has been created to help you work out the perfect time to get to sleep!

Before we start listing the times you should go to bed to achieve a refreshing night’s sleep, there are a couple of simple rules you should know to understand why the weird times are… Well weird.

Firstly, it takes the average person 14-minutes to fall asleep.

Secondly, sleep cycles last about 90-minutes.

So, we’ll cover three different wake-up times for you, and there is a link below from everyone else.

6am –

Go to bed at one of the following: 8:46pm – 10:16pm – 11:46pm – 1:16am

7am –

Go to bed at one of the following: 10:46pm – 12:16am – 1:46am – 3:16am

8am –

Go to bed at one of the following: 10:46pm – 12:16am – 1:46am – 3:16am

For all other times bedtimes, head to Hillarys here.

But, if that all fails, read up on the military technique that will get you to sleep in just 2-minutes here. No guarantee on feeling refreshed, but at least you’ll be sleeping!

And, if you still can’t get to sleep, you might as well stay up all night watching YouTube videos. Let’s get you started!