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How Long After Having Covid Can You Get The Flu Jab?

As we enter the flu season, many are wondering when it is safe to receive their influenza jab, particularly if they are recovering from Covid.

The Department of Health advises the flu jab should be received from April onward to give the best protection during the peak flu season, which is generally between June and September.

The influenza vaccine gives its highest level of protection in the first three to four months after immunisation.

For those who are recovering from Covid, experts advise it is best to wait until you no longer have symptoms.

Speaking to the ABC, University of Queensland virologist Ian Mackay said to wait for symptoms to abate so as not to “fire up an already fired-up immune system”.

"So the usual thing with vaccination is if you've got any signs or symptoms or you're ill — you've got a fever or anything like that — don't get the vaccine at that particular time," he said.

Maria Boulton from AMA Queensland told the ABC “once you're better, and once you're out of isolation, you can go and have your flu vaccine safely”.

The Department of Health and ATAGI also advise that flu and Covid vaccines can be received on the same day.