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How Joel Creasey Escaped Australia And Took Himself On A Glamorous Holiday

For the last two years we have all sat around saying the moment we can holiday we will. Joel actually did it!

Eurovision Australia Decides host, comedian, and occasional Neighbours actor Joel Creasey stopped by the desk for a chat. Creasey shared his lack of enthusiasm for his Neighbour’s character name and backstory, saying like he is a ‘poor, gay stalker’. While his real-life partner, Jack Stratton-Smith gets a cool name, Hayden Storm.

But what is cool is Joel doing something most of us can’t wait to! As soon as the borders opened, Joel and Jack swiftly left Australia, heading on a beautiful European holiday at the first chance they could. What a better time to propose right? Unfortunately, not this time. Joel says ‘If Jacks not going to propose to me, I’m going to take myself on my own honeymoon’.

Watch the full interview below.