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How A New Zealand Student’s Bumper Sticker Changed Someone’s Life

Your bumper sticker might mean a lot to you, but they could also impact others.

A bumper sticker is often a cute little way to give the world a glimpse into the life and personality of the driver in front of them. Some might tell others that you have a baby on board, maybe your political views of climate change or veganism. But on New Zealand student Brooke Lacey’s car was a different kind of message.

On any typical day, you might see this, glance at it, and continue with your travels. But once in a while, someone might read it and have an impact on their lives, which is what happened for Brooke.

On her morning coffee run, Brooke returned to her car to find a note on her windshield. Usually, you might think a note on your windshield is someone calling out your bad parking, or they have damaged your car and left a message. Instead, it was someone finding the sign they were looking for & it ended up saving their life.

Sharing the story on Twitter, Brooke tweeted, “I am so glad whoever you are chose to stay today. You never know who needs this reminder.”

If you take anything away from this, always be kind in your words and actions; you never know how you might impact someone’s day and possibly life. Good on you, Brooke!

Photos: https://twitter.com/brooke__lacey