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Has Gen Z Traded Swapping Numbers For Stamps?

Gen Z Singles Are Now Stamping Strangers With Their Details

Is giving a stranger your phone number dead? Has Gen Z killed it off? Who even contacts somebody via text anymore? Is that something only older Millennials and electricians do? Are you really talking to a potential partner at all if you’re not sliding into their DMs on social media?

Back in the day it used to be you saw somebody at a club that you liked, then you would drink enough until you mustered up the courage to go talk to them, at which point you’d realise they’d already left and then go home alone. That’s the way it’s supposed to be, but Gen Z have found a way to change things up yet again.

A new trend – and really when it comes to new trends it is hard to know what is a real trend and what is simply Gen Z trolling everybody older than them – but a new trend has popped up on TikTok and it finds single people purchasing custom made stamps with all of their social media details on them. They then take the stamps out to the club and start stamping them on everybody who takes their fancy.

Forget writing your phone number out, or punching your digits into their contact list, instead buy a stamp with your Snapchat and Instagram usernames on it and then stamp that stamp directly onto people’s skin, so the next day they’ll have your details ready to go when they jump on the apps and give you a search.

One TikToker, Annabel Smith, posted a video showing how it’s done. First, she posted a video of her with her custom made stamp out at a nightclub stamping men on their forehead and face, and then later she filmed herself scrolling through Instagram showing off all of the follows and message requests she’d racked up. It couldn’t be simpler.

And if the combination of words involving TikTok, Snapchat, Instagram, Ink Stamps, and Gen Z have left you wondering what is going on anymore, you can always go back to the oldest method of letting somebody know you’re interested in them: Have your parents contact their parents and ask to arrange a meet up, with proper supervision of course!