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Halle Berry Reveals How Her Struggle Is The Same 20 Years After Her Oscar Win

Halle Berry tells Lisa Wilkinson winning the industries highest honour affected her confidence.

Tonight on The Project, Halle Berry sat down with Lisa Wilkinson to chat about her new movie Moonfall.

The film was recently criticised by NASA for its inaccuracies, with the NASA Moon account tweeting, “At only 240,000 miles away, our nearest neighbour affects our life here on Earth. Here are a few reasons why we’re grateful the moon is stable in its orbit (no offence Moonfall).

Ouch NASA!

As such, it’s no wonder Berry told Wilkinson that winning the industries top honour affected her confidence. NASA proving that the pressures that are put on such talented actors are real.

Berry said that she felt that the role, that was initially written for a male, was actually ‘innovative thinking’ by Director Roland Emmerich, as it sees a black woman leading NASA.

However, even after winning the Oscar back in 2002, finding good scripts that represented diversity were still few and far between for Berry and her fellow actors.

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