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Hairdresser Makes Boris Johnson Mural out of Hair

It Was Created From Leftover Clippings As A “Thank You”

It is hard to express in words the emotions one feels when looking at a big mural of UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson made out of hair clippings but let’s try: “urgggggghhhhhhhhh”.

A hairdresser in the UK has offered up this hair tribute to the Prime Minister as a thank you. Yes, a person made this not to enter into Boris Johnson’s nightmares but instead to praise him.

Davina Fox, from Somerset, collected all the clippings of hair she had left over from all of the post-lockdown haircuts she’d been doing and put them together in a 1.5 metre by 0.91 metre artwork on her salon floor.

There’s no denying that the collection of floor hair does kind of look like the Prime Minister but it also looks a creature from Where The Wild Things Are that didn’t make the final cut.

Davina made the mural to thank the PM for reminding folks that her profession was not a “dead end job”. It’s important to remember that Davina’s job is hairdresser and not mural artist.

“I would love for him to come and see it.” She said about a thing that would scare even the bravest of adults.

How did she put together this mural that you can practically smell even though you’re only looking at it in a photograph? Well, she collected “well over half a black sack of hair which I very carefully swept up without my clients knowing.”

In order to finish the “art work” she took two days off work because she “wanted to give something back.” And that thing she wanted to give back was a face made of hair she secretly collected from people who had no idea their locks would be used to create the distorted face of a not particularly popular Prime Minister.