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Guy Sebastian Faces Backlash After Vaccination Video Backflip

Singer Guy Sebastian has been forced to clarify his position on vaccinations after a video supporting the entertainment industry’s #VaxTheNation campaign was posted to the singer’s Instagram on Monday night.

The campaign was launched on Monday with the backing of more than 400 industry heavyweights, with Powderfinger donating their song ‘My Happiness’ to be the unofficial anthem of the movement.

But hours later, Sebastian had issued a retraction in a video message to his supporters.

“Some of you might have seen an industry call up with the best of intentions for our live music industry, which has been absolutely decimated, trying to find a pathway forward so that we can all assemble together again,” he told his 494,000 followers.

“I’ve always done everything that I can to support my industry, but the campaign was posted to my page without my direct involvement, and whilst, like everybody else in my industry, I want things to get going again, it is not my role to communicate in that way that that post was communicating.”

Sebastian apologised and claimed he “would never, ever tell people what to do when it comes to their personal health choices”.

After receiving backlash for the retraction, Sebastian went head-to-head with radio broadcaster Ray Hadley live on air, clarifying his stance on vaccinations and confirmed he has been double-vaxxed for Covid.

"Grow a set, mate, you’re better than that," Hadley said on The Ray Hadley Morning Show.

"I'm disappointed in you."

Sebastian clapped back, saying he was "equally disappointed" at the radio host.

"I haven’t said I don’t support vaccinations, I’m double-jabbed myself," he said.

But Sebastian isn’t the only Aussie celeb hesitant to make a public stance on vaccinations for fear of alienating a small but vocal part of their fan base.

In June, Marvel star Chris Hemsworth, who lives in Byron Bay, reportedly refused to take part in a national vaccine rollout campaign.