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Guest Shares A Pic Of The Saddest Wedding Meal You’ll Ever See

Taking to Twitter, the wedding guest shared a picture of the less-than-impressive meal.

With so many dietary requirements these days, wedding caterers have to be on their game to ensure guests leave full, happy, and impressed. Generally, you are at an advantage if you have a special requirement at a wedding, as you are likely to get your meal first, meaning you can hit the D-floor early.

But for this vegan wedding guest, the meal was less than satisfactory. Taking to Twitter, the user who goes by the name Herbiwhore shared a snap of the meal.

The offering was simply some slices of melon, a handful of rocket salad, topped with balsamic vinegar. In a reply, Herbiwhore retweeted said “I knew this was gonna happen so I Uber eats'd hip city veg and ate while I got ready”.