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Professional Golfer Ian Poulter’s Fart Caught On Mic

Unfortunately for Poulter the PGA Tour recently increased their use of live mics during TV broadcasts and it turns out those mics are of great quality.

While playing the final round of the Travellers Championship Poulter let out a fart that was all too clearly picked up by the mic.

Following the fart you can immediately hear the golfers start laughing. It is a particularly comical fart.

User FootJoy posted the video on Twitter commenting, “Somebody stand on a duck?” “Did you get that?” Poulter asked.

“Stay over there,” Chalmers joked in response.

Is that supposed to be more silent than that?

An honest man of the “gentleman’s” sport Ian Poulter owned up to his actions later on Twitter. Poulter shared the hilarious clip with the caption “3 club wind this morning on the first tee.

Always beware of the live mic. One of the best parts about this video is someone has captioned it so even the hard of hearing know exactly what happened. There’s no denying it.

Remember always follow through with your swing but never anything else.