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Green Screen Mishap Results In Hilarious School Photo Day Fail

A school photo day in the U.S. has gone hilariously wrong after a post-production fail edited out many of the student's bodies.

In Indiana, photo day at Sugar Grove Elementary School happened to fall on St Patrick's Day this year, meaning many of the children were wearing green.

The photos were taken in front of a green screen with the photography company intending to add backgrounds in post-production.

However, the green attire worn by many students resulted in hilarious editing fails.

Amanda Snow, a mother of a boy who attends the school, shared the proof photos that had been sent to parents last week.

In the photos, almost all of the child was covered in the digital image that had been added.

"He had a dark green shirt on," Ms Snow told WTHR-TV.

"The top of his hoodie is green, so he turned into the fence here. He had lime green shorts on, so I guess the darker the shirt, the more transparent the background comes through.

"And he had a green mohawk, but that is completely gone."

Ms Snow shared the photos on a community Facebook page, asking if any other parents from the school had the same issue.

And so many people do. So many good ones," Ms Snow said.

"Honestly, I just couldn't wait to see other parents' pictures, and it ended up being just a hilarious fiasco, just because it's just so funny."

Inter-State Photography, who took the photos, said the final product given to parents would not have the same mistakes.

"We try to get digital proofs in front of people quickly, so this is an example of seeing it before it goes through that post-production process," the company said in a statement to FOX.

"Typically, this is caught in an earlier, automated stage. This image is not the final product because it gets fixed in post-production."