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Grace Tame’s Perfect Response To ‘Bong’ Photo

Grace Tame has delivered a perfect response to a re-surfaced photo that has been making the rounds on social media.

The Daily Mail posted an article on Monday with a photo of Ms Tame sitting with a bong.

It is believed the photo was taken when the former Australian of the Year was 19.

Replies to the Daily Mail article immediately leapt to Ms Tame’s defence, with many, including politicians, saying they had similar photos at the same age.

But the response from Ms Tame herself perfectly captures the political news of the week.

“Alright, I confess, we were doing a cover ‘April Sun in Cuba’,” she said on Twitter.

“On the oboe.”

The song is in reference to the Prime Minister singing the famous Dragon song with a ukulele on Channel 9's 60 Minutes this week.