Google Trends Show Aussies Want To Know About Time Travel, Covid And When Will The Rain Stop

Google has released the things Australians have been searching for the past 20 years, and it turns out we can't get enough of COVID news, weather forecasts and tips on how to cook a Tomahawk steak.

Unsurprisingly, the searches Australians have made over the past 20 years correspond with historical events that have taken place.

In January 2020, searches for 'bushfires' and 'air quality' reached record, all-time highs.

This year's rainfall across the east coast resulted in the second highest spike in interest for floods in Google history – after the 2011 Queensland floods.

And with another year of La Niña bringing summer rain, more people searched 'when will the rain stop' in March 2022 than ever before.

But searches for 'Covid news' topped the list as the most searched term over the last two decades. 'Trump news' followed closely in second.

Overall, 'bushfire' and 'flood' dominated natural disaster searches in the last two decades.

Australians also love travelling, but it turns out we're more interested in 'time travel', which topped the list of travel-related searches, followed by 'international travel' and 'student travel'.

Australia was also the most charitable country, with the most searches for op shops in the world.

AAP wit The Project