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Good Night Kanye West; Good Morning Ye

Kanye West has officially changed his name to Ye.

Rapper Kanye West's appeal to be identified by just one word, ‘Ye’, has been approved by a judge.

According to Entertainment Tonight, Ye filed the petition to change his name in August 2021 for "personal reasons".

It’s not shocking that the former Kanye West would want to change his name, it’s by far, not the most absurd thing the controversial rapper has done. Remember when he legitimately ran for president in 2020? I believe that was also for “personal reasons”.

Kanye West President GIF

Maybe this is a re-invention of sorts following his public divorce to socialite Kim Kardashian West in early 2021. Most divorcees save up for a motorbike and leather jacket, but what do you get the guy who can afford unlimited bikes and leather? A new name, that’s what!

Ye may not be known as a West anymore however Kim Kardashian West will keep her ex-husband’s surname and currently uses it on Instagram and in her businesses.

West had been going by the nickname 'Ye' for a while now. It was used to partly title his popular sneaker range ‘Yeezy’ and he also named his eighth studio album 'Ye' in 2018.

Ye has made headlines in recent years for controversial statements and actions, but being a professional musician who changes their name is not out of the ordinary.

Kanye West Celebrity GIF by 2020 MTV Video Music Awards

Here are just a few of his colleagues who have also changed their names:

• Symbol became Prince

• Jennifer Lopez became J.Lo

• Puff Daddy became Diddy

• Snoop Dogg because Snoop Lion

Snoop Dogg to Snoop Lion feels more like a Pokémon evolution than a name change.

We fully support Ye in his new identity and hope that this name change makes him stronger.