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Global Super Group BTS Stars “Very Much Expected” To Serve 18 Months In South Korean Army

Not even the world's biggest pop stars are exempt from South Korea's military service, with all seven members of BTS "very much expected" to serve, states a leading diplomat.

In South Korea, where the global pop band BTS originate from, male citizens must undergo mandatory conscription for 18 months between the ages of 18 and 28. 

'It is very much expected that young Korean men serve the country, and those BTS members are role models for many young-generation Koreans.' stated a leading Korean diplomat. 

The stars have already received something of a slight reprieve given their global status, which alongside millions of records sold, includes more than 44 million followers on Twitter and a staggering nearly 62 million on Instagram. 

The reprieve allowed for a new law to pass, allowing them to postpone their military service until they turn 30 years old. 

South Korea's national assembly passed the 'BTS law' in December 2020. 

However, the time has now come as BTS' oldest band member, Kim Seok-Jin, who goes by Jin, turns 30 in December, sparking speculation that he may well be soon swapping dance moves for military moves.

In time, he will be joined by Suga, who is currently 29, J-Hope, 28, RM, 27, Jimin, 26, V, 26, and Jungkook, 24. 

Due to the differing ages of band members, fans can expect that the group will remain throughout the military conscription of its members.