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Get To Sleep In 2-Minutes Thanks To This Viral Video

The military technique that will get you to sleep in just 2-minutes. Providing you can do it…

Usually, TikTok has far too much loud music and enticing dance routines that will keep you awake all night long! But that’s all changing.

TikTok Fitness Couch @justin_agustin has a super special military technique that will have you catching Z’s in no time and his video has fine viral! This technique was developed for military pilots, who obviously need a solid nights kip in order to have maximum focus when carrying out their duties. The technique is simple, but quite difficult to master.

In the video, Coach Justin talks us step by step through the process. Relax your whole body, starting with your head, down to your toes. There are also a couple of key visualisation techniques you’ll also need to master.

One, visualising yourself on a calm lake, while imagining the clear blue sky. Another, you’re laying on a black velvet hammock, in a pitch-black room. Which makes me wonder, what does the colour of the hammock matter in a pitch-black room? Which lead us to the most important part, when your mind starts to wander, repeat to yourself, “Don’t think, don’t think, don’t think”.

But now what happens after the 'don't think' and I'm still awake? Does the 2-minute clock restart at this point? Do I have to start the process from the top again? Can I choose the colour of the hammock next time? Why does it have to be black? Where do you even buy a black velvet hammock? Typically they are tan in colour, sometimes with stripes. Does the rope holding the hammock also need to be black?

Hang on… “Don’t think, don’t think, don’t think”.

Good luck mastering this. Hopefully, you nail it! If you work out the hammock colour thing, thing message The Project on our Facebook page.

One last tip, make sure this is the last video you watch for the night. You are just one scroll away from an enticing dance video that will lead you down a rabbit hole.