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German Prince Adopts Adult Man To Continue Lineage And Inherit Fortune

A German prince has adopted an adult man to continue his royal lineage and inherit his fortune.

Frédéric Prinz von Anhalt, the widower of Zsa Zsa Gabor, is 79 years old and without issue.

Desperate to ensure his royal lineage continues, von Anhalt appeared on the reality show ‘Adults Adopting Adults’ to find his successor.

“I did it on television because I wanted to show lonely people that they do not need to be alone,” von Anhalt said.

“You can adopt a grown-up and have somebody who helps you from day one. You don’t have to raise a child.”

He ended up selecting 27-year-old Kevin Feucht, with the pair knowing each other for seven years before the show.

“I used to go to LA for weekends. My dad is a friend of Frederic, and he told me that I could stay at Frederic’s house,” Feucht said.

“Frederic and I agreed that if I help around the place, cook for him, work with him on the computer, make sure his bills get paid – I got some of them lowered – and cook for him sometimes, I can stay.”

Von Anhalt said that Feucht loves his family but will be staying with him from now on.

“He has a new birth certificate, and I am his official father,” he said.

“His father and I are still friends. His mother and father are both fine with it.”

It's is not the first time this particular lineage has been secured through adoption. Princess Marie Auguste von Anhalt adopted Von Anhalt himself in 1975 at age 35.

The Princess was the daughter of the last emperor of Germany, Wilhelm II.

The German royal family was abolished in 1918, but the titles remain even if they hold no power.