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German Man Alleged To Have Had 90 COVID Jabs Since Vaccine Rolled Out

Many people in this world don’t trust vaccines, and there are many people in this world who do trust vaccines. And then, there are people who perhaps trust vaccines a little too much and inject themselves with it 30 times

This brings us to the story of the 60-year-old man in the eastern German city of Magdeburg who has, allegedly we must stress, received 90 shots of the vaccine of the past couple of months, bouncing between different vaccination clinics across the state of Saxony. Yes, you read that correctly: 90.

So why did he do it? Apparently, it’s not because he just wanted to be super protected against every potential new variant of the Coronavirus until we reach the end of the Greek alphabet. He is alleged to have been using forged identity documents to obtain vaccination cards on behalf of people who did not want to get the vaccine themselves but still wanted to move around freely in the community.

Germany – which has recorded over 130,000 COVID deaths – has similar vaccination requirements for entry to venues as Australia. People are required to show their vaccine passports in order to enter restaurants, theatres and workplaces. For this reason, German police have been pretty busy over the last few months cracking down on people who are forging vaccine documents to avoid these rules.

It’s unclear at this stage as to whether this man is suffering any side effects from the dozens of jabs he has apparently received. But, if he’s fine, the German health authorities and, indeed, the WHO, need to get together to make this bloke the face of the vaccination campaign. If you can have 90 doses of the vaccine, all from different brands, and still be fighting fit, then that will stamp out any remaining vaccine hesitancy in the community. Why would anyone ever be worried about getting a third or fourth booster shot when there’s a guy in Germany who's blood is about 50% Pfizer and 50% antibodies at this stage?

Yes, he might be a criminal under German law. But he might just be the hero that the vaccination campaign needs to get everyone rolling up their sleeves for their next shot.