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Gen Z Declares Blonde Hair ‘Cheugy’

Gen Z have declared that blond hair is cheugy, which means *checks dictionary* that it’s untrendy.

Listen up everyone, because the (self-appointed) generation in charge of style is speaking.

Straight from their home base of Tik Tok, many Gen Zers are claiming that blonde is outdated and darker shades of hair colour are in.

Model Alyssa Lorraine shared a video showing her honey coloured locks, explaining that she dyed her hair back to its original color however, that colour is now cheugy. She showed the ultimate lament about the situation, with a facepalm emoji.

Another user, who goes by The Digital Fairy asked, “Is blonde cheugy?” noting that A-listers such as Gigi Hadid, Florence Pugh and Hailey Bieber have recently gone brunette.

She suggested a number of reasons for this, saying “Being blond can get pretty expensive and [roots] became a big trend after the financial crisis of 2008”. This was known as the “recession roots” craze.

She also noted the i-D article suggesting that diversity and inclusion could play a part, wondering if “the trend away from blond may also be a trend towards more diverse beauty ideals.”

The uncool blonde viral Tik Toks kept coming, with user @GirlBossTown also asking the same question. She remarked how “every celebrity, cool girl [and] model are going dark with their hair”. If you’ve ever wondered if you’re a ‘cool girl’, you finally know.

Being a Girl Boss is all about tough decisions, so she asked her followers for help. She plans on dyeing her hair platinum blond “like I do every time” but is worried it will look outdated. “Am I cheugy for being blond?” she asks her followers, earnestly.

So, some say it’s cheugy, others are still questioning. But the real question is, what will Gen Z call lame next?