French Men Have Been Asked To ‘Drive Like A Woman’

According to the French Road Safety Observatory, 84% of fatal road accidents in 2022-2023 were caused by men – and the figures aren’t much better in the UK or the US.

So, why can’t French men drive like women?

In their new campaign, the cheeky French safety awareness organisation Victimes & Citoyens (Victims and Citizens) is asking the public that question.

Engaging the sensitive gender politics of our time has certainly got the attention of France - and the wider world.

It’s hoped that if men did drive more like women (broadly more considerate and less aggressive), there would be a decrease in France’s amount of road deaths, which currently sits at about 3,000 each year. 

It’s not just an issue in France. A Guardian analysis in 2022 revealed that male drivers in the UK are almost three times as likely as women to be involved in accidents that kill or seriously injure pedestrians.

But isn't driving timidly unmanly? Maybe, but protecting your loved ones by not tailgating a minivan like you're in a Fast and Furious movie? That's pretty heroic.

They should do what the Australian government did and convince the entire country that anyone who drives recklessly on our roads probably has a small penis.