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Former Chef For The Queen Reveals Bizarre Way She Expects Her Fish & Chips To Be Served

Fish and chips are a British national treasure, just like the Queen, but she has an unusual way of eating them, according to palace staff.

A former chef at the Queen’s palace has shared an interesting tidbit about how the Queen likes her fish and chips.

In the UK, tartar, curry sauce and mushy peas are a very common addition to the popular dish. However, the Queen has a very particular way she expected the chef to prepare her meal.

The chef states that he would have to bread crumb the fish and bake it, rather than a battered, deep-fried fish. 

Next up are the chips; now I’m a fan of eating heaps of chips covered in vinegar with a bit of chicken salt. However, the Queen, of course has a more refined preference.

Apparently, she requested all chips to be cut to exactly the same length and width and stacked like a tower next to the fish.

Now, what about the condiments to go with her (rather boring) sounding meal?

Well, no curry sauce here.

The Queen requests the meal is served with homemade hollandaise sauce, made from whisked egg yolks, lemon juice, tarragon and butter. 

Now the worst part of all, she doesn’t want mushy peas.