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Football Team Faces Backlash For Job Ad

The Ad Was After People Who Don’t Want ‘A Work Life Balance’.

A football club in the UK has gotten into a bit of hot water after they popped up a job ad seeking a new recruit to work with the director of football. The ad seemed to suggest that if you wanted to come work for AFC Fylde you would have to be happy not doing anything else in your life.

The club in question AFC Fylde are a football club you definitely haven’t heard of based in Wesham, Lancashire; proving you could make up English teams and towns and nobody would ever know the difference. Yeah, right, Crystal Palace and Warwickshire are real places, sure sure.

The full job ad, which has since been taken down due to nobody liking it, read:

“This is a ‘hands on role’ and requires hands on leadership from the front, so ‘delegators’ and ‘office dwellers’ please don’t apply.” 

So far it hasn’t even gotten to the really bad part of the ad, but this first line doesn’t read great either. What’s wrong with being an office dweller? Maybe they’ve got a comfy chair and a fun calendar in their office.

“If not already apparent, we are not a Premiership Club and therefore every penny and every fan has to be fought for and respected.” 

This part is spot on – they are not a Premiership Club, in fact they are in the sixth tier of English football, which is probably only a couple of tiers above ‘a group of mates having a kick down the park’.

“You will need to be proactive in your approach to everything.” 

This line is good, save that line for the re-written job ad. This line is so perfectly generic it could be in the job description for every job.

“We work hard at Fylde so again don’t apply if you are looking for ‘a work life balance’ or have to pick the kids up from school twice a week at 3.30.” 

Can you see where this ad might have gotten them into a touch of bother? Twitter did not respond well to this part of the job. One person wrote “So basically anyone who wants life balance or has children isn’t capable of working hard in the modern workplace.”

The ad closes by saying:

“You will need to live close to the club and immerse yourself in the local community at all levels.” 

By this point of the ad, the damage had already been done. Another person on Twitter wrote “Still picking my jaw up off the floor after reading it.”

In all fairness to AFC Fylde, they are in the sixth division, they are not a very successful club and this is the sort of mess not very successful organisations get themselves into. I bet Man City post perfect ads.

The ad has been taken down and presumably will go back up once a few key words and phrases are re-written. You have to wonder how mistakes like that are made in an organisation? Maybe the person who was writing wasn’t focused properly because they were too exhausted from not maintaining a healthy work life balance.