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Florida Reggae Band Sue Dua Lipa For Copyright Infringement

Do you think the songs sound the same?

British pop sensation Dua Lipa has being hit with a copyright infringement lawsuit after South Florida reggae band, Artikal Sound System claimed that her 2020 global hit Levitating sounds a little too much like their own song, Live Your Life.

Live Your Life charted at No. 2 on the Billboard reggae charts in 2017, and you have to admit, the songs are incredibly similar.

Exhibit A:

Artikal Sound System · 03 Live Your Life

Exhibit B:

And because internet sleuths don’t sleep, here’s a comparison video that has already been uploaded to YouTube… otherwise known as Exhibit C, your honour.

According to court documents filed in the Los Angeles federal court, the band is seeking to claim a percentage of profits, damages, and a jury by trial.

This is the one case I would be interested doing jury duty for.

If found to be infringing on one’s copyright, the band could be in with a handsome pay day as Levitating was a global smash and has been streamed almost 500 million times just on Spotify.

So what do you think? Are the songs crazy close, or is this just a big, fun, musical misunderstanding and everyone should jam it out?