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Florida Man Sets World Record For Seeing Spiderman: No Way Home 292 Times

Many strange news stories start with 'Florida man…' and here's another one, as this Spiderman superfan set a new world record.

Spider-Man: No Way Home broke box office records as the biggest film of 2021 - and now the blockbuster has earned one Florida man a world record, breaking the existing record holder of "most cinema productions attended of the same film." by seeing the move 292 times.

If you are reading this and thinking, " Hey, I've watched my favourite movie more than 292 times I could beat him, you'd probably be wrong. This Guinness World Record title is specific to having paid to see the movie in theatres, not just watching it at home. 

Ramiro Alanis, the new world record holder, watched the superhero film starring Tom Holland, Zendaya, Andrew Garfield and Tobey Macguire an impressive 292 times at the movie theatre in the period between 16 December 2021 and 15 March 2022 to earn the Guinness World Record title.

This means in total, Alanis has spent 720 hours, or 30 days watching the 2hr 28-minute movie (including the credits), not to mention around $3,400 on tickets - not to mention the popcorn eaten. 

He explained to Guinness World Records that taking the time to watch the film so many times while also juggling other important things in life and "trying to stay put mentally with work, family and the attempt," didn't come without its difficulties. 

Such was his dedication, Alanis - who is a personal trainer - sacrificed his passion for going to the gym during his record attempt. So, that must have been very difficult for him.

Of course, having watched the film 292 times it's no surprise that Alanis can "pretty much recite the dialogue along with the movie", and he did just that at his final screening.