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First Official Portrait Painting of Prince William and Kate Middleton Together Goes on Display

One of the most photographed couples in the world now have their first portrait. Immortalising them in an artwork aiming to show both their regal and informal sides.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's portrait was commissioned by award-winning British portrait artist Jamie Coreth in 2021 by the Cambridgeshire Royal Portrait Fund as a gift to Cambridgeshire.  

Prince William and Kate Middleton viewed the artwork today at the University of Cambridge's Fitzwilliams Museum, where they also met with Coreth to discuss his work. 

Upon viewing the portrait, William remarked, "It's quite big."

The painting shows the couple standing close to one another, dressed in evening wear and looking into the distance. 

They appear to be watching something, and the Duke, in particular has a slightly amused look on his face.

"I wanted to show Their Royal Highnesses in a manner where they appeared both relaxed and approachable, as well as elegant and dignified," Jamie Coreth said in a statement. 

"As it is the first portrait to depict them together, and specifically during their time as The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, I wanted the image to evoke a feeling of balance between their public and private lives."

Coreth described the commission as "the most extraordinary privilege of my life."