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Film Shot In 2015 Will Now Not Be Released For 100 Years, So, It’s The Film You Will Never See

A film made in 2015 is unlikely to be seen by anyone alive right now because it won't be released for a century.

Titled ‘100 Years', the short film is set on an imagined Earth in 100 years' time, and therefore won't be released until 2115.

Taglined' The Movie You Will Never See' stars John Malkovich and was directed by Robert Rodriguez, of 'Spy Kids' and 'From Dusk Till Dawn' fame.

According to Malkovich, the film will spore "several options" of what the future could look like, explaining the three teasers that have been released, which all show different versions of what 2115 could look like.

"An incredibly high tech, beyond the computerised version of the world, a post-Chernoybl, back to nature, semi-collapsed civilisation and then there was a retro-future which was how the future was imagined in science fiction of the 1940s or 50s," he told The Guardian Life.

The movie has been made as a promotional tool for luxury alcohol brand Louis XIII Cognac, which takes 100 years to age before it is sold to customers.

"We sought to create a proactive piece of art that explores the dynamic relationship of the past, the present, and the future…four generations of cellar masters put a lifetime of passion into a bottle of Louis XIII, yet they will never taste the resulting masterpiece," said Ludovic du Plessis, the Global Executive Director for Louis XIII Cognac.