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Federal Government Pledges $58m In New Endometriosis Package

The Coalition has pledged to build specialist endometriosis centres and provide $81.5 million in genetic test screening support for parents.

On Friday, Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, will announce what the government claims is “the biggest funding package” for endometriosis.

The announcement will see the Government pledge $58m for pelvic pain clinics, diagnosis, research, and management of a disease affecting one in nine women, including the prime minister’s wife. 

“This funding today will bring welcome relief and support through better diagnosis, treatment and care,” Morrison said.

Additionally, the Government has pledged $81.2m for genetic testing for parents planning a pregnancy to give free and universal screening from 2023 for cystic fibrosis, spinal muscular atrophy and fragile X syndrome.

Endometriosis is a chronic disease, when tissue similar to the lining of the uterus grows outside the uterus, causing inflammation, extreme pain and, in some cases, infertility. It has no cure. 

The condition is characterised as one of the most painful conditions, with the NHS listing it as one of 20 most excruciating conditions.

Endometriosis Australia says more than 830,000 people, or more than 11% of Australian women, experience the disease.

However, a huge difficulty with sufferers is that, on average, it takes 6.5 years to be diagnosed. 

The Coalition has pledged to build two specialised endometriosis and pelvic pain clinics in each state, funding for women with severe endometriosis to access Medicare-supported MRI scans, $5m for the development of an endometriosis management plan for patients in primary care, and another $5m for clinical trials and research.

The package also includes $2.5m to promote the clinical practice guidelines for endometriosis and ensure they are regularly reviewed and updated to reflect community feedback and the latest expert medical advice.